Today's PR Landscape

The global PR industry is responsible for generating $16 billion in revenue in 2018, and employed almost 94,000 people, according to data from research firm IBIS World. Industry growth is significantly outpacing the global economy as a whole—since 2013, global GDP has grown by an average of 2.85 percent annually, according to the World Bank. Over the same period, IBIS World indicates that the PR industry has grown by 5.3 percent annually, practically double!

The Facts

Most individuals or brands who request PR services are more interested in the QUALITY of press versus the volume, Anyone can simply pay to get a person on a low-grade or average platform but when you understand how to consistently get your clients on platforms such as Forbes, WSJ, Entrepreneur, ABC and the likes, you out yourself in another tax bracket among the most coveted PR firms.

Meet Your Instructor

Phreshy, born Derrian Perry is the premier go to publicist, lifestyle specialist and curator. A creative, strategist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Equipped with knowledge, experience and facts, Phreshy is not only the plug but the socket. While work is priority, Phreshy also prides himself on empowering and enhancing the lives of others while doing so. When Phreshy is around, dreams turn into reality, the impossible becomes possible and faith becomes a way of life. I AM PHRESHY, the brand behind your favorite brands

Here Are A Few Things You'll Learn...

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