Channing had 3 children and nothing to show for it while still only weighing 120 pounds. After using Girl Gainz and following our blueprint she's reached her goal adding a THICK & HEALTHY 20 pounds! Listen to her story below...


“How I gained 40 pounds in a few weeks!!!”

Nicole, the founder of Girl Gainz, started out as a shy individual from Los Angeles. As a naturally tiny girl, Nicole experienced name calling and teasing in school owing to her weight but determined not to let it get her down, she focused on improving her weight the healthy way. Being vegan, she desired an alternative and simple but premium solution to add mass. She worked hard to achieve her goal, gaining over 40 pounds! Owed to her success, she was inspired to help others who were underweight or believed to be too skinny, to gain weight in a natural and sustainable way. 

Nicole started by sellingpopular weight gain syrup in 2015 and to date has helped more than 100k women in achieving their weight gain goals! Starting her very OWN weight gain community, Nicole’s vision is to assist more women who wish to enhance their overall mass and muscle.

The Mission

At Girl Gainz, we recognize how the industry of fitness is saturated with weight loss products and weight gain solutions for men. It has been our aim to develop a line of products for women who wish to improve their weight easily and with only the highest quality ingredients, only the best flavors and a versatile product you can use everywhere. The consumption of high fat foods and lack of a controlled diet in an attempt to gain weight simply results in added mass in all the wrong places. It may also increase risk of chronic disease from diabetes to high cholesterol. Our goal was to create a leading brand our customers could put their faith in to help them bulk in a healthier, smarter and rewarding manner. It is our mission to continue to grow as a well-recognized, all-inclusive and supportive weight gain community of women. 

Our Vision

Girl Gainz’ vision is to educate and create awareness around the healthy ways to gain weight through a careful selection of premium protein powders and muscle building products. We believe in fitness, strength and feeling truly confident. We support all women who desire a healthy body with a need to improve their overall weight. Our vision is to create an entire community of women who understand and support one another in a healthy journey to transforming their weights, their goals and their lives. Join the movement and gain weight the health way, the Girl Gainz Way!


Girl Gainz is an exciting and trusted community for women who wish to gain weight. Having helped over 100k women healthily increase their weight, this course was designed to act as a blueprint for you to build weight correctly and safely. We are all about health and doing things the right way. We also understand how hard it can be to gain weight and to add muscle when most products focus on weight loss. Let’s hit your goals in our new Weight Gain Course!